Campaign Launch Event

When: Monday September 10th from 7:00pm-9:00pm
Where: Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St, Vancouver, BC
Cost: Free

Join Kennedy as he officially kicks off the 2018 election campaign with a rally at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. Kennedy can make history this fall as the first independent Mayor of Vancouver since 1939!

From day one, this campaign has been about people. Kennedy is up against campaigns that can spend millions of dollars, so we’re counting on the energy and power of everyday Vancouverites who are hungry for change.

This is your first chance to hear Kennedy’s plan for making our city more affordable, more inclusive and more democratic. But the only way to make Vancouver a city that works for everyone is to show our opponents that people mean more than money.

The event is free: RSVP today.

Will you come?

Please RSVP: Campaign Launch Event
Campaign Launch Event
Check out Kennedy Stewart for Vancouver. I just joined.
Campaign Launch Event