Democratic Reform

Tough new conflict of interest rules

I’m working on bringing in tough new rules requiring elected officials to proactively disclose assets and prohibit them from working outside City Hall, if these activities are likely to conflict with their public duties. I’m also working on prohibiting elected officials and key staff members from accepting government contracts or lobbying for 12 months after leaving their positions.

Lobbying registry

I’m working on requiring all lobbyists to declare details of their activities in an online registry, make this information available for the public to view free of charge and levy fines for non-compliance.

Make every vote count

This election will be the last Vancouver civic election where we elect our local representatives using the out-dated at-large voting system. If city residents vote in the November provincial referendum to change to a proportional representation system, then future local elections will be conducted using Pro Rep. If Pro Rep is rejected in the fall referendum, then future local elections will be conducted using neighbourhood constituencies, similar to those used at the federal and provincial level.

A new Mayor’s Petition

Vancouver residents want more ways to help shape the future of our city between elections. That’s why I’m working on bringing in a resident petition, similar to the online petition system I founded in the Parliament of Canada. Under Vancouver’s new petition tool, residents will write petitions that other residents can sign online and/or in-person.

Depending on the total number of petition signatures gathered, the petitioner will either receive a direct response from the mayor’s office, or be invited to take part in a special petition hearing chaired by the mayor.

A more inclusive city

We cannot reach our full potential as a city when certain segments of our population are marginalized and not fully included in our democracy and economy.

That’s why I'm working on fully funding and implementing the City of Vancouver’s women’s equity strategy and use an intersectional lens to make the city better for women, Indigenous people, the LGBTQ2s+ community, visible minorities, cultural communities, people living with disabilities, and other equity-seeking groups.

End big money influence on elections

I will ask the provincial government to require all elected officials and civic political parties be subject to the existing provincial regulations governing campaign finance between elections, including annual disclosure of donations.

I will also ask the provincial government to require all local election candidates and local third-party advertisers to provide regular disclosures of donations between January 1 and election day during an election year.

Democratic Reform
Democratic Reform
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Democratic Reform