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Taking action on opioids and supporting the Downtown Eastside.

The Downtown Eastside is a strong and resilient community despite increasing homelessness, deaths from overdoses, and lack of safe housing affordable for people on income assistance and pensions.

We showed North America the way with InSite, it was a model for how to support people and communities, save lives and get people into treatment and towards better health. We can do the same now with the opioid crisis.

These are our neighbours, and for a city as wealthy as ours, it is shameful that people continue to die. It is imperative that we take action and save lives.

This neighbourhood needs the support and resources to implement community-driven, health-focussed, initiatives to significantly improve the wellness, safety, and quality of life for those struggling with chronic poverty, lack of safe, permanent affordable housing, a dangerous illegal drug supply, and lack of employment.

As Mayor, I will form an emergency task force to work with the community, and immediately implement achievable actions to improve the health and quality of life of DTES residents.

Check out some highlights from my plan:

Stopping fentanyl deaths

Recommend quick-start actions the city, province and federal government can immediately take to stop fentanyl deaths resulting from the poisoned drug supply, as well as follow-up medium and long-term actions to provide the broadest possible support for the community.

All policy options will be open for consideration, including initiating a safe and accessible supply of drugs for those at high risk in the current illegal and dangerous market, expanding safe consumption sites, and new fentanyl alert testing facilities.

A new Vancouver Agreement

Work with council to negotiate a new Vancouver Agreement with the provincial and federal governments. It will build on the previous Vancouver Agreement which expired in 2010 to foster greater cooperation between all three levels of government and more efficient implementation of an overall strategy to promote and support sustainable economic, social, and community development in the DTES.

Support front-line workers

Develop Initiatives to provide support for all front-line workers, including training for front line workers, expanded mental health supports and more peer-to-peer training and services.

Substance substitution

Identify new substance substitution programs and delivery methods to help move people away from drug use and towards better health.

Better treatment

Establishing more accessible and low threshold addiction treatment and support new substance substitution programs and delivery methods that will help move people away from drug use and towards recovery.

Respect community knowledge

Recognize and reinforce the value and knowledge of local residents, front-line peer-to-workers, and health experts as well as the specific needs of Indigenous Peoples, women, and the intersectionality of DTES community members.

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A Healthy City
A Healthy City
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