How do I register?

Learn about voter registration so you can vote on election day, Saturday October 20th.

Before you can vote, you must be registered.


Find out if you're already registered to vote

If you are already registered, you should have received a voter information card in the mail at the end of September. New this year, everyone at the same address with the same last name will get their voter information cards sent in one envelope. Bring your card with you when you vote to speed up your voting experience.

You can also check to see if you're already registered using the City of Vancouver's online tool here: https://vancouver.ca/your-government/register-to-vote.aspx.

Find our if you're registered to vote


Register to vote online

Apply to register online and save time when you vote: https://vancouver.ca/your-government/register-to-vote-online.aspx.


Registering in person at a voting place.

If you're registering in person at a voting place, you will need to provide two identification documents to prove who you are and where you live.

If you only have one acceptable identifying document, you can swear a Declaration of Elector Identity and Place of Residence in front of a Presiding Election Official at the voting place. This statutory declaration becomes your second identifying document. Only one statutory declaration will be accepted.

If you live in Vancouver but have no fixed address or ordinary postal address, you can register to vote using the address of a shelter or social agency you go to. You will need to provide identification or make a sworn declaration.


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How do I register?
How do I register?
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How do I register?