Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for a Vibrant and Connected City

Plan supports Vancouver’s cultural and economic drivers

Vancouver – Today, Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart announced his plan to support Vancouver’s cultural and economic drivers. The plan includes commitments to the arts, small business, and on transportation.

“We need to build a Vancouver that supports arts, culture, and small business,” said Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart. “It’s not only good for our economy and community, but it helps us craft an identity for our city that’s vibrant and creative.”

Full platform details are available at: Highlights include:

Support for the arts & cultural events

  • Affordable studio space for creators: Build 100,000 sq. ft. of affordable studio space over the next decade by integrating arts spaces into more public buildings and affordable housing developments and creating new purpose-built spaces.
  • Arts grants: Expand the funding for small- and medium-scale community-based art organizations and change the granting process to include individuals and groups of artists, and informal collectives.
  • Policing costs for community events: Review the way the Vancouver Police Department charges for event security and help reduce costs for community events.

Support for small business

  • Mayor’s Small Business Review: Conduct a review of city policies that impact small business, including taxation and permitting to help support and grow our neighbourhood-based economy.
  • Neighbourhood commercial spaces: Expand small-scale neighbourhood retail opportunities such as corner stores, small cafes, and laneway-based businesses to make neighbourhoods more vibrant, walkable, and complete. Laneway retail spaces would also be live/work, and protected from the volatility of triple-net leases and property tax costs.
  • Start-up hub: Create an affordable start-up hub, purpose-built for new tech start-ups to remove barriers and reduce costs.

Improved transit and transportation

  • Support SkyTrain along Broadway to UBC: Work to secure federal, provincial, and UBC funding to extend SkyTrain along the Broadway corridor to the university.
  • Neighbourhood busses and reduced fares: Work to expand Vancouver’s bus network with additional neighbourhood busses and more night service and investigate ways to reduce fees for seniors, people living with disabilities, and those with low incomes. This includes supporting the All on Board campaign to make all transit free to children and youth.

“We need to support our arts and culture organizations, especially small- and medium-sized ones. We need a city where people can easily travel on public transit. And we need to support young entrepreneurs who build businesses that create local jobs and make our neighbourhoods worth living in,” continued Stewart.

The plan builds on the first three planks of Stewart’s platform that focus on delivering affordable housing, improving transparency and accountability at City Hall, and tackling the opioid crisis.

Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for a Vibrant and Connected City
Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for a Vibrant and Connected City
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Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for a Vibrant and Connected City