Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for First 100 Days

Stewart to focus on making Vancouver work for people and small businesses, asks his voters to support a progressive team for city council

Vancouver – Today, Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart announced priority areas for his first 100 days in office. The plan focuses on addressing the permitting backlog for housing, standing up for renters, and supporting Vancouver’s small businesses – all while increasing transparency and accountability at city hall.

“I would bring our new city council together to get started on day one building a Vancouver that works for everyone,” said Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart. “The challenges people and businesses are facing on affordability demand immediate action and I have the experience to hit the ground running.”

Highlights of Stewart’s 100 day plan include:

Take immediate action to begin clearing the permitting backlog: Hiring more staff and changing systems and processes to begin clearing the backlog of permits, with a special focus on projects that deliver rental housing.

Hire Renters Advocate: Work with council to hire a renters advocate and staff up their office so that renters in our city have access to the legal advice and advocacy they need to fight unfair evictions and rent increases.

Downtown Eastside Emergency Task Force: Get the Downtown Eastside emergency task force up and running with a primary goal of tackling the opioid crisis and saving lives.

Mayor’s Small Business Review: Launch a review of city policies that impact small business, including taxation and permitting to help support and grow our neighbourhood-based economy.

Introduce tough new conflict of interest rules: Require elected officials to proactively disclose assets and prohibit them from working outside City Hall, if these activities are likely to conflict with their public duties, and prohibit officials and key staff members from accepting government contracts or lobbying for 12 months after leaving their positions.

Create a new lobbyist registry: Require all lobbyists to declare details of their activities in an online registry, make this information available for the public to view free of charge and levy fines for non-compliance.

Stewart was joined by OneCity candidates Christine Boyle and Brandon Yan. “One of the main reasons we’re supporting Kennedy is we share the idea of a renters advocate,” said Boyle. “We need a city hall that stands up for renters and makes sure people have secure housing.”

But Boyle stressed that having progressive voters cast ballots for a progressive team of candidates is the only way Vancouver’s urgent challenges can be addressed.

“I’m proud to stand here with Kennedy, but it can’t just be him. My message to voters is if you believe in moving our city forward and making it more affordable and inclusive, vote for OneCity candidates like myself and Brandon Yan as well as other progressive candidates."

Stewart echoed Boyle’s message. “If you’re supporting me this campaign, I want to thank you. But I can’t do this alone. Vote for me, and also support progressive candidates on council, park board and school board.”

Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for First 100 Days
Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for First 100 Days
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Kennedy Stewart Announces Plan for First 100 Days