More Affordable Housing

Build 25,000 new non-profit affordable rental homes over the next ten years

I’m focused on building affordable rental homes for those making $80,000 a year or less, more non-market and supportive housing for our most vulnerable citizens, and targeted housing solutions for Indigenous Peoples, cultural communities, seniors, and people living with disabilities.

Speed up the permitting process by increasing staff and reducing red tape

I'm working to reduce unnecessary delays and confusion in the permitting process by adding more clerical staff and reorganizing city departments to untangle conflicting requirements – with special emphasis on reducing wait times for small- and medium-sized developers and homeowners.

Protect our 6,000 cooperative housing units by renewing city-held leases

I’m working to give certainty to existing co-operative housing associations and build new co-op homes.

Providing homeowners more opportunities to develop their own properties

I’m working on expanding opportunities for more ground-oriented housing in our least dense neighbourhoods, including expediting the construction of triplexes and fourplexes on standard lots and removing barrier to converting large homes into multi-family residences.

Build 35,000 new condominiums, coach houses, and townhouses over the next decade

I’m working to provide more affordable opportunities for first-time homebuyers and those looking to downsize in Vancouver.

Get Ottawa and Victoria back into housing permanently

I'm using my seven years of experience as a Member of Parliament to work with senior levels of government to create long-term housing funding and bring back tax rules to encourage the construction of rental buildings.

Allow duplexes across the city

Building more duplexes brings more affordable options for first-time homebuyers while retaining the character of our single-family neighbourhoods.

Revise Community Amenity Contributions

I’m working to streamline and clarify the CAC process to deliver hard assets like affordable homes, childcare centres and affordable spaces for small business, non-profits, and the creative sector.

Better targets, better data

I’ve already helped deliver better housing data through my work in Ottawa as an MP but understand this needs to be more accessible to the public. I’m working on bringing in a real time, online dashboard to track key affordability metrics to ensure we stay on the right track.

More Affordable Housing
More Affordable Housing
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More Affordable Housing