Standing up for Renters

Build 25,000 new purpose-built rental apartments and laneway homes over the next decade

As mayor, I’ll work with for-profit builders to build more market rentals.

New Renters Advocate Office

To make sure renters are treated fairly and stop renovictions, this independent office would provide a one-stop shop for renters who need help. It would provide free information, advocacy, and legal assistance to renters during tenancy disputes and reinforce the city’s renoviction policy.

Fast-track purpose-built rentals

The city would increase resources to expedite purpose built rental developments through a new Purpose-built Rental Housing Office to provide a single point of contact and increased certainty for purpose-built rental developers.

Better enforce existing right of first refusal and relocation policies

I would task the new Renters Advocate Office to make sure our existing policies designed to protect rental housing stock and renters rights are strongly enforced and to recommend any additional measure to further protect affordable rental housing stock.

Expropriate troubled Single Room Occupancy buildings

The city, in partnership with senior governments and not-for-profit housing providers will replace all privately owned SROs with self-contained social housing and use its ability to expropriate ownership of those SROs that are being negligently managed and operated.

Rental zoning

I’ll immediately begin to use new rental zoning powers to build secure rental housing developments and renovations.

Better targets and better data

I will issue a new report within the first year outlining how to make life more affordable for renters, including reviewing current policies and examining new measures such as freezing rents and adjusting rules governing short term rentals.

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Standing up for Renters
Standing up for Renters
I'm with @KennedyStewart for Vancouver Mayor 2018. #vanpoli #Kennedy18
Standing up for Renters