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Join the fight to #StopKM

Prime Minister Trudeau approved the new Kinder Morgan pipeline, but BC’s new NDP government, First Nations and residents remain firmly opposed to this project. Trudeau’s Natural Resources Minister even says he will use the Army to ram this pipeline through our communities. I know we can stop Kinder Morgan if we stick together. Please sign this petition and support our efforts to protect our coast.

Let's Stand Up for Canadian Science

Canadian science is in trouble due to a lack of funding and oversight. Please sign this petition and stand up for Canadian Science.

Homes for Burnaby

There is a housing crisis in British Columbia. Nowhere is it more acute than right here in Burnaby. All three levels of government need to do much more to ensuring everyone has access to adequate housing.

How does Kinder Morgan put your property at risk?

Enter your postal code to get official information about how the new Kinder Morgan pipeline will affect your neighbourhood.

It's time for a National Clean Energy Strategy

There’s no doubt — our future has to be powered by clean, renewable energy. Add your name, and together we can make BC a clean energy leader.

It’s time for Gender Equity in Parliament

Did you know that even in 2017, women still hold only 26% of the seats in the House of Commons? Sign the petition to support Gender Equity in Parliament.
Check out Kennedy Stewart. I just joined his team!
Check out Kennedy Stewart. I just joined his team!